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handmade Valentine’s Day cards

I got to do one of my favorite things recently, which is making cards for my friends and family. I love making cards and imagining the look on someone’s face when they open their card for the first time. I want them to know I was thinking of them and I think that’s really special.

I hope you all have a Valentine’s Day that is full of LOVE!!IMG_1863IMG_1864IMG_1873IMG_1876IMG_1877IMG_1882IMG_1883IMG_1890

paper crafts

decorating my planner

IMG_0700 IMG_0701

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved writing things down. Even when hadn’t learned how to read yet, I would put letters together and pretend like I was very busy making lists, “filling out” forms or writing letters. When I learned how to write my name, I would write it on paper over and over again. When going back to school shopping, I had to make sure I had my “Lisa Frank” stationary sets with matching trapper keeper, pencils, notepads, etc. To this day, I love making lists and planning. Sometimes I will add something to a list just to cross it off! It makes me feel like I have accomplished something. I also love to plan and have had some sort of planner ever since middle school. I never thought that planning could actually be so fun for so many people and that planners could look so pretty!

IMG_0702 IMG_0704 IMG_0710

I discovered the happy planner in July and it’s no surprise that I’ve become a planner addict since. I love not only planning my week, but also decorating it with stickers and filling it out every morning while I have my coffee so I know what my day will look like. I have found some sticker shops on Etsy which is my favorite place to buy planner stickers from. These shops include vintage gypsy road, caress press and sweet kawaii design. I also buy stickers from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

IMG_0702 IMG_0711 IMG_0713 IMG_0715

This is a planner spread I did using vintage gypsy road’s “falling for floral” kit and the October kit. I also used some orange and gold patterned washi tape which I found at paper source. The leaf stickers are from Michaels as well as the birthday present sticker. I really like the way this turned out, even though my planner spreads usually have a lot more white space. I like how colorful and “fall- like” this one is. I wanted it to be festive since it includes the official first day of Fall, my favorite season!

IMG_0718 IMG_0723 IMG_0727

How about you guys? Are you into “glam planning”? If you’re thinking about it, I highly recommend the happy planner. I like it better than my Erin Condren planner which I use at work.

So right now this is my greatest guilty pleasure. I cannot stop buying stickers from Etsy. Seriously. How about you? What are your guilt pleasures?

Here’s more planner love.


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august favorites

This is an exciting but at the same time sad post for me because summer is coming to an end!! If anyone else works in a school like I do, you can feel my pain and understand how amazing it is to have the summer off. I have had such an incredible summer and have been able to do all the things I wanted to do. I got to travel, spend time with family & friends, be a foodie, interior decorator, organizer, declutterer, NYC tourist, fur mama and feel so blessed:) I got to sleep in, to stay home all day doing project life while watching Gossip Girl episodes, or being out and enjoying the city. My love affair with summers will never end.

Here are the things I’ve been loving for the month of August!

Beauty products

MD Solar Sciences SPF 50:

s1574219-main-hero-300This mineral sunscreen is for the face and the reason why I am on my second tube is because not only does ir provide an SPF of 50, but it leaves my face matte for the entire day no matter which makeup I use. I think that’s pretty incredible! I plan to continue using this into the cooler months and if I find that I need more hydration I will follow it with a light moisturizer before applying my makeup.

Fresh Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm:


The first time I got this lip balm on my lips, I knew I was in love. It has become my all time favorite lip balm and I think I will need it on my night stand forever and ever. Enough said? Seriously though, I love the texture of this. It stays on the lips all night long, has a nice minty cooling feel which lasts for a few seconds, is not tacky and it leaves my lips super soft.

 Lip products:


The two lip products I have reaching for the most are the Clinique chubby stick in whole lotta honey and my YSL lipstick in pink in confidence. The clinique lip crayon is quick, easy and natural looking. The YSL is very moisturizing and is such a pretty pink for the summer.




Weight Watchers English Toffee Crunch Ice Cream Bars: I love these bars so much that I’ve pretty much been having one every night after dinner. It’s the perfect amount of ice-cream. I don’t need a huge portion anyway, but if I am given one I will probably eat it. These taste so good and the best part is that they don’t have any artificial sweeteners. They are made with skim milk, which I’m able to detect. My husband can though, so I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to the taste of skim milk!

Books: I am currently reading these two books and have been enjoying them so much. I am huge fan of Osho and don’t think I haven’t enjoyed anything I’ve read by him. This autobiography is no different and is the most fascinating of any autobiography or biography I’ve read.

Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic by Osho 

Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

I love reading Hilderbrand in the summer and am excited to be halfway through this one so I can take a piece of summer with me into the Fall!

What are your favs for August?? I hope you all had a relaxing summer full of beauty and light!


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july favorites

I can’t believe it’s August 1st!! It’s time to share all the things I’ve been loving for the month of July. I have been definitely been more crafty this past month and less beauty product oriented. This may be because I use minimal makeup and keep my skincare very basic during the summer months. I don’t like to weight it down when it’s been so hot here in New York.

So here we go!!

The happy planner



I have been loving my new planner so much that I have to admit I am officially a planner addict! I didn’t realize how fun and addictive it can be to glam plan. I’ve had some sort of planner for several years, but recently I have been able to combine my love for pretty things, stickers, color schemes and paper crafts into one super fun activity- glam planning! I got hooked after watching Belinda Selene’s plan with me videos on YouTube and this video is how I discovered the happy planner. After watching it, I knew I had to have this planner in my life. I tried to order it on Amazon but it wouldn’t have been shipped for at least a month due to popular demand. So I ordered it directly from the MAMBI (me and my big ideas) site, along with some accessories.



One of the reasons I love this planner so much (besides the gold hearts), is that it’s customizable which I love. I wasn’t able to get all the accessories from the site so my mom and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby so I could stock up. By the way, that store is amazing!! I wish we had one closer to where we live. We spent around 2 hours in there- they have super cute stuff and if you’ve never been to a hobby lobby, you need to check it out. I liked it better than Michaels in terms of their paper craft selection. So I’ve been using my planner for about a month now and am completely obsessed with it. One of my favorite things is getting stickers from various Etsy shops!! My two favorite “plan with me” channels to watch on Youtube are Belinda Selene and Elle Fowler. It’s from watching these videos that I’ve learned about the Etsy sticker shops as well as getting planning ideas!



Also I am planning to list handmade cards on my Etsy shop so please look out for it!

Lush Sexy Peel Soap:


This soap has bits of lemon and orange peel in it that not only smell amazing, but gently exfoliate as well. This soap has been my favorite for the summer and I’ve been using it day and night for the past month. I am left with skin that squeaky clean and smells citrusy!

The luckiest girl alive: 


If you want to read a book that you simply cannot put down, get this!! I don’t have much else to say about this one.

The Bachelorette: I love to veg out and watch mindless TV including this show. Over the years, I have found that the bachelor and the bachelorette always deliver on the drama and I love it!!

This candle:


I got this watermelon lemonade candle from Bath & Body works and have been burning it every day or about a month now. I am loving the scent- it literally smells like watermelon flavored lemonade. I may have to buy another one since I’ve already almost burned through this one! It’s probably my favorite summer candle scent!

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chutney is 10 months old!

Chutney continues to be the apple of our eyes- we are obsessed with him every single day. He is kind, pure, sensitive, smart, and so silly.

We love you so much Chutney- thanks for being such a good boy!!

in bed on a quiet saturday morning- "do I have to get up?"
in bed on a quiet saturday morning- “do I have to get up?
ok fine I'll get up...actually nope just changed my mind...
ok fine I’ll get up…actually nope just changed my mind…
out for a walk in his super stylish quilted jacket and with his pink wubba toy
fun at the dog run!
fun at the dog run!


sitting on the ottoman
sitting on the ottoman
lap nap

IMG_2835 IMG_2850

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A more romantic week!



Since this week is Valentine’s week and it has been ridiculously  cold out, I thought it would be nice to set the ambiance at home so there’s a romantic feeling in the air:) It’s all about the mindset- every night can feel like “date night” and every day can feel like Valentine’s day:)

Here are some tips for a more romantic ambience:

eat at the table

I think we all fall into the routine of eating on the couch in front of the TV. This week, though, try setting the table and using those pretty dishes you have! Put that dining table to use too while you’re at it:)

light scented candles

Nothing sets the ambiance like scented candles throughout the house. You can place small votives in the bedroom, living area and bathroom. Be sure not to place scented candles at the dinner table though, since you don’t want competing scents with your meal!

soft music

Instead of the background noise of commercial breaks, how about some Adele, John Legend or my new favorite, Ed Sheeran? 🙂

bring home flowers

Bringing home an inexpensive bouquet of flowers and then dividing it up and displaying into small vases or mason jars throughout your space is super romantic:)


This week is a good time to put away that folded laundry on your ottoman, or stacking up that pile of magazines:) A less cluttered space is much more inviting and relaxing:)

make time to unwind

Instead of having jam packed days, where by the time you make it home, you’re exhausted, why not try to free up your schedule a bit so you can have some down time in the evenings? It’s a great chance to try a new recipe, play that board game you never play or plan that dream vacation together!

be creative 

Paint, write, read, draw, play an instrument or make a card! You might find that a more romantic ambiance ignites your inner artist.

What is one thing you can do to make your home more romantic?


paper crafts

catching up on project life

This is some of my december layout using studio calico’s december kit. It was so nice having some time to catch up on the end of 2014, as I begin to say bye to my 12×12 album! I will miss it but am really looking forward to the 9×12 since it will be more of a space saver. I would still recommend the 12×12 to anyone who is starting project life. I think the layouts are just so pretty and one page has a very complete feel to it. I’m excited to start working on my new album for January 2015 onwards. So stay tuned  and thanks for visiting 🙂

Here is my previous project life post: IMG_8057 IMG_8058 IMG_8059 IMG_8060 IMG_8063 IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075 IMG_8077 IMG_8081

paper crafts

Valentine’s Day cards- ready to mail out!

IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8039 IMG_8041 IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8045 IMG_8047

Valentine’s day cards are the perfect way to show someone you love them and a handmade card is a thoughtful gesture that anyone will appreciate. These days it’s easy to go out and buy someone a card (or not even think to give them one), so when you take the time out to make someone a card, this simple act speaks volumes. This year maybe you can skip Papyrus and make a one of a kind card for your sweetie pie:)