fall zara and topshop haul

After doing the biggest closet detox ever, I was able to make room for some new pieces. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love shopping for fall clothes mid to late summer, mostly because it makes me more excited to go back to work/school! I picked up some basic pieces while also including some of the big trends for the coming season- mom style high waisted jeans and sleeves with details details details!!!


mom jeans

I am so excited to own my very first pair of mom jeans!! I love how these are loose but not too baggy so you can still show some shape and the ankle length is perfect to wear with booties.

pearl sweater :

This sweater will be great for the fall since it’s not too heavy or bulky. The pearl details on the sleeves make it more interesting. I am planning on wearing it tucked into my new mom jeans.

crossover front sweatshirt: 

I recently wore this on the plane with joggers and it was comfy, warm and because it’s cropped it’s just the right amount of fabric. This is my new favorite while traveling or just lounging.

sweatshirt with metallic details: 

This is a sweatshirt that I have been reaching for so much- I’ve been wearing it with high waisted denim shorts, black yoga pants and high waisted jeans. I think it would also look really cute with black high waisted jeans. It is super soft and the metallic details give it that something extra. The fabric is very unique as well- I don’t own anything quite like it.

astronaut tee: 

This is a fun graphic tee that says “I need more space”. It’s on the shorter side but I can still tuck it into high waisted jeans or shorts. It is a great layering piece and I enjoy the play on words.

eggceptional tee 

This is another great layering piece which I’ve worn tucked into high waisted shorts. It washes well and the size medium is just right on me. Also there is a glittered sunny side up egg on it and says “eggceptional”- how cute is that?!

tee with shoulder detail 

I knew I had to have this tee as soon as I saw the sleeve details- the pink makes it soft and feminine while the sleeves give this top some edgy vibes.

topshop lattice back sweater 

This is my first sweater purchase of the season. I don’t own anything in this color and the bell sleeves, v neck and lattice back just make it so cozy and on point with the trends for this fall. It’s also incredibly soft!

top shop high waisted jeans 

These are my first pair of topshop jeans and I am in love! They hug all the right places and are extremely comfortable. I can tuck in my tops easily- the wash is very versatile as well. Very happy with this pair of denim to add to the jean family!


Stay tuned for my closet detox post and thanks for visiting!




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