good reads

milk and honey.

Have you ever read something that feels like it was written just for you? This book of poetry seems like the thing that had been missing from my book shelf (and my life).  I love every word, but here are my favorites:


love will come
and when love comes
love will hold you
love will call your name
and you will melt
sometimes though
love will hurt you but
love will never mean to
love will play no games
cause love knows life
has been hard enough already




you wrap your fingers 

around my hair 

and pull


is how you make music 

out of me




i don’t know what living a balanced life feels like
when i am sad
i don’t cry i pour
when i am happy
i don’t smile i glow
when i am angry
i don’t yell i burn

the good thing about feeling in extremes is

when i love i give them wings
but perhaps that isn’t
such a good thing
cause they always
tend to leave and
you should see me
when my heart is broken
i don’t grieve i shatter



i didn’t know why
i split myself open
for others knowing
sewing myself up 
hurts this much




you cannot leave 

and have me too

i cannot exist in 

two places at once 

-when you ask if we can still be friends 






you leave

but you don’t stay gone

why do you do that

why do you

abandon the thing you want to keep

why do you linger

in a place you do not want to stay

why do you think it’s ok to do both

go and return all at once




i want to apologize to all the women

i have called pretty

before I’ve called them intelligent or brave

i am sorry i made it sound as though

something as simple as what you’re born with

is the most you have to be proud of when your

spirit has crushed mountains

from now on i will say things like

you are resilient or you are extraordinary

not because i don’t think you’re pretty

but because you are so much more than that





i call you and beg

for five more minutes

we won’t talk

we won’t touch

just sit across from each other

and let our eyes


each others skin

for five minutes

–Rupi Kaur


Which one is your favorite?






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