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I loved this book so much because it has completely changed my view on depression and suicide. I always believed suicide was a selfish act, that no one had the right to inflict on their loved ones. After reading the heart wrenching story of Bipolar (and death obsessed) Finch, however, I see his struggle and can empathize with those in similar situations.

I instantly fell in love with Violet and Finch and was rooting for their love throughout the book. One of the most endearing qualities of Finch is that he can recite Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”, which happens to be my favorite book of all time. He reawakens in Violet what had been dormant since the death of her sister. Finch sees the best in Violet- he sees in her what she doesn’t see in herself. Their love story is heart wrenching until the very end and I could not put it down. It’s been days since I read the last sentence and it still has not left me.

I’m desparately waiting for this book to be made into a movie…


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I was recently able to recover photos from my trip to Spain where I went one summer with a dear friend of mine. Sadly, I’ve lost many of my captures in Barcelona, which happened to be my favorite leg of our journey and probably one of my most loved cities. On the bright side, I see it as an excuse to revisit so I can relive the dream world of Gaudi. Have you been to Barcelona? If not, take someone who you love and get lost there…