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my world.

As summer officially begins to wind down, I thought to corral all the things I’ve been loving while basking in the joy of summertime–  if only it could last forever.


Summer olympics 2016– We thoroughly enjoyed watching the summer olympics and I was amazed by how fast those 17 days went by! I’m always in awe of these athletes, who dedicate their lives to the sport and find myself inspired and motivated to be more dedicated to whatever it is I am doing- whether it’s working, creating something or finding new ways to build a healthier lifestyle. Who else was super impressed with the “Final Five”?! I literally wanna be best friends with them.

Wooden Tulips– This summer I was fortunate enough to visit Amsterdam, and have to admit it was among the most beautiful places I have been. Every step I took was a photo opportunity, from the beautiful canals to the bicycles to the countryside filled with charming windmills and farm animals. It was truly a dream destination. The flowers there were incredibly beautiful and they even have a floating flower marker right on the water where they sell various seeds and buds for you to take home. Since I don’t have much of a green thumb, we decided to bring home these colorful wooden tulips which look so gorgeous in this delft vase. Whenever I look at them, I am reminded of beautiful Amsterdam.


Isla Verde Beach

Vegetable Biryani– In case you don’t already  know this about me, I LOVE RICE. My husband constantly teases me about my ongoing love affair with rice. I can have it every single day of the week- on its own, with daal or sabzi, with raita, in the form of risotto or mexican rice–I don’t care, I just love it. I had the highest of hopes when I ordered the vegetable biryani at Tulsi during Restaurant Week. It was love at first bite. This dish was prepared dum style–in order to lock in all those fragrant flavors it had been sealed with dough. Once you tear open that seal, the aroma is intoxicating. Is anyone else’s mouth watering? No, just me? Ok.

Caribbean water- I’ve always known how much I love the beaches of the Caribbean, but after recently visiting the Hamptons this month (August), the water was so cold I could barely keep my toes in. I would love to insert the video of my husband attempting to go in and promptly walking away, but he would kill me, so I won’t. But my point is, the water here on the East Coast is freezing at the height of the summer. I much prefer my Caribbean beach vacations, where I can actually spend time in the water and truly be a beach bum.


 The fault in our stars– I posted about this book here and still find myself thinking about it. I’m still waiting to watch the movie and enjoyed it so much that I just picked up Paper towns, by the same author and also a movie.

High key photography- I took a black and white photography class last month and one of my favorite concepts was high key photography. Chutney is the best subject and I plan to take many more black and white photos of him in a dream like state.


Quinoa- Ok, where has this been my whole life? I had a brief and unpleasant experience with this stuff while living in Bolivia many summers ago. I found it to to be bland and it didn’t do anything for me at the time. This has made a comeback for me though. I think the key is to cook it in vegetable stock, which adds tons of flavor. I have quinoa in my salad most days for lunch. I also like to mix it into rice when I make Indian dishes, for example, half rice and half quinoa with a heaping bowl of Rajma.

Vanilla Almond Iced Coffee– This iced coffee has been the perfect post workout pick me up. I like mine unsweetened but you can certainly add sugar/sweetener.

Mix together these ingredients and enjoy!
1 cup cold coffee
¼ cup almond milk, sweetened
¼ tsp almond extract
½ tsp vanilla extract


Mason Jar decor- It’s just so cute!! I love how happy these mason jar pieces makes me, especially since I’ve spent so much of my summer off in the kitchen.  I purchased the utensil holder, measuring cups and spoons for myself and the cookie jar for my sister.







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