my little foundation trick

Even though I love these summer months and have been enjoying my time out in the sun (not forgetting to apply sunscreen of course), the sun exposure has definitely made my skin a few shades tanner. I’m not complaining about my easily tanned skin, but I do find it hard to make my existing foundation shades work for me in the summer. Since I didn’t want to go out and buy new foundations, here is a little trick I recently learned.


This is what I do:

I take my current foundation (which is currently too light for me) and mix it in with this one which is a bit darker. I like to apply with my fingers for the most natural and seamlessly blended coverage. Not only does the Nars velvet Matte darken the shade so it matches perfectly with my current skin tone, but it helps keep my face matte and gives me some extra SPF!

I am in the shade Y375 golden sand in the MUFE foundation and in the shade Annapurna medium 2 in the Nars velvet Matte. You can see my review of the Nars here.

Another technique I’ve been using lately is I will use my current foundation as is, and then apply this powder on top to warm up the color. I alternate between the shades cashew and spiced sand depending to the time of the year.

If I am still looking lighter than I want, I use this bronzer on my forehead, sides of my face and chin for that overall warmth.

I hope these tricks help you out if you find that like me, your lovely tan has changed your complexion!

Are you able to use the same foundation throughout the year or does your skin tan during the summer months??


5 thoughts on “my little foundation trick

  1. I definitely mix my foundations. I also do keep winter and summer shades of the same formula for mixing. And when in doubt – like you said, a bronzer to the rescue!


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