barkbox subscription


We have been subscribed to the bark box for several months now for our little fur baby, but I have to say this month’s Lunar New Year theme is my favorite thus far. I love the bark box because it offers a variety of treats for Chutney, most of which are organic, grain free, along with a few toys and chews. The boxes are customizable by dog size, monthly plans which range from one month to one year, and all the edible goodies are wheat, corn and soy free. The best part for me though? Seeing the look on Chutney’s face as we are opening his bark box! It’s like Christmas but once a month:)  He knows exactly what his box looks like so he starts jumping for joy the second it arrives in the mail. He can hardly contain himself as we open up all the treats and toys. It’s hard to say which one he likes better, but I think he is overall a huge plush toy lover. He likes his treats too, but I don’t think he could be without his toys.



This month’s bark box is adorable! It has the Lunar New Year theme, so one of the toys is a takeout container filled with three “dumplings”, each of which has a squeaker (one of which Chutney is seen playing with in the photo above). Also one of the treats is a takeout container called “chow chow mein” and had pumpkin flavored treats! Chutney loves pumpkin flavored anything.


I highly recommend this monthly subscription to any of us dog owners who understand who much great it feels to see our pups happy. The variety makes things exciting and new every month. Try a one time box to see if your dog likes it. Also, if there is something your dog isn’t so crazy about, you can exchange one item per box!


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