massive lush haul

I feel like I just did a Lush haul but recently found myself all out of bath bombs. I can honestly say that Lush bath bombs have taken by concept of a relaxing evening to  a new level. If you haven’t tried a Lush bath bomb yet- you need to! It will change your life. I am so thankful to have found them. I haven’t met a Lush bath bomb, or even a Lush product that I didn’t like. (Other than the shampoo and conditioner, which I did not feel was very effective for my hair.) Here is what I came home with today:

samples:  These are two products that I had been eyeing and wanted to sample before purchasing the full size.

Angels on Bare Skin- Face And Body Cleanser– I used it this evening and loved it so much that it may have to join my cleanser family. It is a clay based cleanser that is super gentle on the face and smells of lavender.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel– I haven’t tried this one yet but the olive oil seems promising for these cold winter months.


You’ve Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt (2)02156

– We got two of these since neither of us could resist the scent.

Butterball Bath Bomb (4)-00012

This is a staple for me and I like adding one to each of the bath bombs I use. It is super hydrating and makes my skin feel like butter.

Twilight Bath Bomb03157

“peaceful lavender bathing under the stars” I haven’t tried this one yet but loved the smell.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar04097

I also fell for the scent of this one but have not tried it yet.

Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

03154This one is subtle yet enjoyable.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

05074I used this one tonight and loved it! The scent is so feminine, relaxing and lingers..

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon (2)04136

– We got two of these to go in combination with the mango bath melt, as recommended by the sales person. Together they smell like a tropical vacation.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (2)-

00157 This is a favorite and so two had to be purchased.

Frozen Bath Bomb

05991This is new to me but smelled great.

Big Blue Bath Bomb

00032I like the bits of seaweed in this one!


New Charity Pot Body Lotion:05236

This is an incredible hydrating lotion/ cream that smells so good! I love the fact that 100% of the proceeds go to various charities.


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner:

The star of this haul is definitely this beauty here. This body conditioner is amazing. It leaves the skin baby soft, supple and smells incredible. It isn’t something I would use every day but definitely a must for pamper nights.




What are your favorite Lush products?


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  1. mdhamoon says:

    I love the pictures — they help to keep everything straight. It’s easy to get confused with Lush products


    1. yes- I was so confused the last time I brought home all the bath bombs so this time I asked them at the store to label each of them. They were nice enough to do it! xoxo


  2. JV says:

    Such a great haul. It is a shame that Lush pulled out of India, even before I could try any of their products!
    Recent Post: Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Review


    1. Oh no really? Is there something similar to Lush in India? It’s ironic because many of their products seem to be things that can easily be made in India.


      1. JV says:

        There is nothing. But I am surely get some when my relatives & friends visit next.


  3. I love Lush too. But I haven’t tried any of the bath bombs. Need to try these soon. Also, the shampoo and conditioner actually work for me. I use the Jumping Juniper shampoo and the Big Solid Conditioner. But one time I bought Happy Happy Joy Joy, the conditioner, and that scent was a bit too strong for me. Lush stores are so tempting though, they make you want to buy everything…lol.


    1. yes they are so tempting!! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. stashmatters says:

    Ooh I just did some damage with LUSH products this past weekend. I’ll be posting about what I got this week. I’m a total LUSH noob though. I also don’t take baths so not bath bombs for me! That Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner sounds amazing – will have to try that one next.


    1. I think the body conditioner is my favorite product of theirs! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The butterball bathroom is my fave!!! I’ve yet to try the frozen one, but I’d like to!


    1. Yes it is so hydrating! I will let u know how frozen is:) xoxo


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