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five good things.

1.apothecary jarsIMG_1713IMG_1861IMG_1806

I’ve recently been really into apothecary jars and like to store various things in them. I have two different sizes on our kitchen island and like to keep our baked goods in the larger one and post dinner “something sweet to eat” in the smaller one. Prior to this, I found that I was storing our baked goods in random tupperware or ziploc bags. Considering how much baking we do around our house, I figured it was time to display it in something pretty:) I also have an apothecary jar in the guest bathroom to display some of the many Lush bath goodies we use.  The two small ones I found at Target and the larger one is from Homegoods.

2.Clinique moisture surge facial spray-


This facial spray has been a winter skin savior and I am so glad to have discovered the sample size with a recent purchase. The uses are endless- it can be used as a toner in your skincare routine, as a mist to set your makeup, a mid- day hydration boost, to lock in your moisturizer as the last step of your skincare routine (this is my favorite way to use this and I spray it on before going to bed). I also like to apply this instead of moisturizer in the mornings before going to the gym. I keep the travel size at my desk at work for a mid day pick me up. My office has no windows so my skin is constantly feeling dehydrated at work. You must try this product regardless of your skin type. LOVE it.

3.Chutney’s red “I love you” heart frog-

This frog was gifted to Chutney by his Naani (grandma) and he absolutely loves it. It’s on the larger side and is probably the biggest stuffed toy he has. That doesn’t stop him from lugging it around and playing with it non stop. Don’t ask what happened to the eye balls.

4.One pot meals- 

IMG_1774.JPG I love how this spaghetti is super easy to make and literally requires one step and one pot. The best part though is how great it tastes. I highly recommend one pot wonders. I added mushrooms instead of meat but you can add whatever you like.




As you know I have been back on myfitnesss pal and these graze snacks have been really helpful for when I am craving a midday snack. I like to munch on one of these at work or when I come home and need a little something before dinner. You can choose what snacks you like by putting in your choices on the website. If you don’t like one, you can remove it from your list so it never gets sent to you again. If there’s one that you love, there’s a way to make sure it gets sent to you on a regular basis. Pretty cool huh? I wasn’t into the sweet ones until I discovered cookies n cream- oh my.

What’s good in your life? What have you been enjoying?


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