what we currently love about chutney

  1. How he sees me off and says “bye” every morning by perching himself up and onto my legs. He looks into my eyes and it makes my heart melt.
  2. The way he crunches on his carrots. He munches so hard it makes his eyes close.
  3. How he hops like a bunny- we’ve been taking him into the hallway to play fetch since it’s been so cold outside. The carpeting in the hall allows him to hop at full speeds and it’s the most adorable thing. He is small but boy is he fast.
  4. The way he snuggles up on the couch with us and takes my husband’s spot whenever he gets up.
  5. He has this game which he’s made up all on his own- whenever my husband comes in from taking out the garbage, Chutney freezes and almost pretends like my husband can’t see him?! Which is really odd because my husband is looking right at him. He then growls and barks at the new garbage bag and my husband- he is so scary:) I think he is actually scared of the garbage bag and this is how he copes with it.
  6. He follows us around wherever we go, waiting outside the bathroom when we are inside, and if we happen to be in separate rooms, he checks in on each of us periodically.
  7. He gently requests to be placed on the bed when I am in it- by placing his paw on my leg and making eye contact.
  8. He waits until I’m awake to eat his breakfast and waits for daddy to come home every evening before he eats his dinner- no matter what.
  9. He keeps me company by curling up on the bathroom mat while I take a bath- and then stands holding onto the tub’s edge to see how my bath is going.

It seems like there is something new to love about him every single day- he is just that lovable:) Happy Friday everyone!


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