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a cozy night in

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With the storm approaching, I am so looking forward to being trapped indoors:) Home is my favorite place to be, even more so when there is a blizzard so I have a valid reason for curling up on the couch with my boys. Here are some things to make your cozy time at home even more cozy.

#1 put on a pair of comfy pj’s- We all have that pair of pajamas that are super soft and comfortable pajamas that are just begging to be worn. I love these and how cute are these for Valentine’s Day?! 

#2 light a fire- No fireplace? no problem! just click here and if you can link it to your TV, you’ve set the perfect ambiance for a cozy night in. 

#3 curl up with a good book-  I love to curl up with a great read when it gets cold outside. If you want to unplug, turn off your technological devices. Facebook can wait. 

#4 have a netflix marathon- If you’re not into reading or just not in the mood, how about a New Girl or Mindy Project marathon?

#5 make a comforting meal- Try this orzo recipe or if you’re feeling lazy, order a pizza and call it a night! 

How do you like to have a cozy night in?


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