kala channa (black chickpeas) and a cold remedy

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My better half has been sick for over a week now. He’s been bravely fighting this cold/flu virus without a single complaint. This morning I think he called it a “nuisance” when asked how he was feeling. That is the extent of how far his complaining will go, I have learned. I want to be like him when I grow up:)  I thought some home remedy in the food department was in order so I broke into my beloved Indian slow cooker cookbook and made him kala channa, or black chickpeas. I remember my mother would make this for my sister and I when we were sick. I loved having a bowl full of this over white basmati rice. I remember how soothing the warm broth tasted as it soaked up all that yummy rice.

Notes:  If you plan to make these, keep in mind that they have to soak overnight. The skin is super tough and I found that even after soaking, they needed to be in the pressure cooker for 30 minutes. Anupy Singla’s slow cooker recipe can easily be used here. Just cook the channa in the pressure cooker in order to soften them. Then make tadka as you would for any daal or sabzi, and add to the channa. I like to cook these together for at least 15 minutes on low covered. The broth is quite healing, especially when you or a loved one is under the weather. Mission accomplished? I sure hope so.

Have a healthy, happy day everyone.


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