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Having sensitive and and acne prone skin, I love using products that nourish my skin while soothing it at the same time. Even though I do love trying new products, Dermalogica has several tried, true and tested products that I can’t be without. I am very happy to have discovered this brand. I find that these products are gentle, therefore they do not irritate my skin. They are very effective as well. I enjoy that most of them are either fragrance free or have subtle and pleasant scents. I find that scents can be very irritating for my skin. Here are my dermalogica loves (so far)- I have a feeling my collection will gradually build over time…



special cleansing gel:

This is a gentle foaming cleanser, has no noticeable or lingering scent and is perfect to use in the mornings as well as in the evenings after removing makeup. (I currently use Clinique take the day off cleansing oil to remove my makeup). I plan to try the dermalogica pre cleanse for this step once I run out of my cleansing oil since I have heard such rave reviews about it.

Daily microfoliant: daily-microfoliant_11-01_590x617

I use this every night after cleansing and I find it makes my face brighter, smoother and helps keep acne at bay over time. When I don’t use this product, I notice that I am more prone to breakouts. I like to use this in the shower, since you need to add a bit of water to the powder in order to activate the enzymes by forming a creamy paste. I leave it on for 1- 2 minutes before rinsing it off. It is fragrance free and extremely gentle. See a more detailed review here. 

antioxidant hydramist: antioxidant-hydramist_55-01_590x617

This toner has anti aging benefits and provides just the right amount of hydration prior to moisturizing. I find that it leaves my skin perfectly smooth and that I need to use less moisturizer since I have been using this. I also really enjoy the scent!

Clear start breakout clearing overnight treatment:  overnight-treatment_590x617

What I love about this overnight treatment is that I can use it two ways depending on what my skin needs. If I’m breaking out pretty much all over and my skin is generally irritated, I apply a thin layer all over my face and it instantly soothes, lessens my irritation and bumps, and I wake up to better skin! I also find the scent subtle yet quite pleasant. I also like to use this as a spot treatment for a larger bump here and there, in which case I apply and gently rub it directly onto the bump. This is very effective as well.

Clearing skin wash:


I use this cleanser day and night when I know my skin is acting up and is very likely to break out in a big way. You know how you have times when your skin is just angry? Well that is when this comes in handy. It is too “active” for me to use it on an everyday basis. I like the cooling effect it has in the summer months. This works really well with the overnight treatment atop.

Ultra calming mist:


I used this mist as a toner day and night, and whenever my face needed hydration and refreshening throughout the day this past summer when I was away in a very hot and humid environment. This is ideal for irritated skin that needs something soothing, gentle and calming rather than your normal toner/mist. I bought this in the travel size and keep it in my travel kit to take with me anytime I am away and my skin becomes irritated.

I highly recommend this line of skincare if your skin is not tolerant of most skincare products, if you are allergic to scented products, or if you are looking for a more gentle approach to your skincare routine. If you go on the website, they offer skin mapping, which is how I found out about these products. You can buy them online or at blue mercury .

Have you tried this skincare line? What are your favorites? I am curious to know what works well and how you like to incorporate these products into your skincare routine!


10 thoughts on “dermalogica skincare

  1. I haven’t tried anything from Dermalogica. I just don’t know why… it’s never enticed me. Maybe it’s too clinical looking? And expensive? I don’t know… I do buy high end skincare like Shiseido but something about Dermalogica doesn’t make me run to try it!
    But having said that, thank you for the overview, it’s good to know the products are good for sensitive skin. Out of your list, I like the Ultra Calming Mist the most – I just love facial mists!


  2. yes I know exactly what you mean- it doesn’t look fancy or pretty which doesn’t help! I feel like their products are great for problematic or sensitive skin. If you like facial mists then you must try the antioxidant hydra mist!! xoxo


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