butternut squash soup



I never knew how much I liked butternut squash until I made this soup. The butternut squash flavor really stands out in this soup and I was surprised by how satisfying this was as a meal.

I am a huge fan of the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond and my husband lovingly got me her new newest cookbook The Pioneer Woman cooks dinnertime.  I’ve been trying some of the other recipes in the book and have been very happy with them. I plan to blog more of these soon.

Here is how the butternut squash soup came out after following the recipe from the book exactly except for the cream. I just added a splash of half and half instead of the amount the recipe calls for. Overall, this a terrific soup to have in the fall and winter months- full of flavor and so simple to make!


I like to add a little fried onions on top! The crispy texture balances out the smooth soup.



11 thoughts on “butternut squash soup

  1. My SO has been making butternut squash soup lately too and as someone who’s NOT too keen on butternut squash, I’m quite impressed with it!
    I love your little bowls too – how cute are those?!


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