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the life- changing magic of tidying up

“When we honestly confront the things we own they evoke many emotions within us. Those feelings are real. It is these emotions that give us the energy for living. Believe what your heart tells you when you ask, “does this spark joy?”. If you act on that intuition you will be amazed at how things will begin to connect in your life and at the drastic changes that follow. It is as if your life has been touched by magic. Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life.”

– Marie Kondo




This book has been getting noticed a lot recently so I decided to pick it up. While reading it I decided to organize my closet. Little did I know that the organization project would carry over into my coat closet, pantry, kitchen cabinets, arts and crafts dresser, and bathrooms. My place is nowhere near perfect at the moment, but I can honestly say that the tips and techniques I learned in this book have inspired me to be more aware of my space.

I think we take the space we live in for granted, or at least I did. I didn’t realize how much better I feel when the room I am working in or just sitting down and having a cup of tea in, is neat and free of clutter.

After having organized several sections and corners of my home, I see now that tidying up has just as much to with decluttering our minds as it does ridding our environment of “things”. I would give this book to a friend or a family member as a gift- not just the ones who need a gentle nudge, but even the neat freaks can learn a thing or two!

One of my favorite tips from this book is where the author describes how to properly fold clothes so that they take up less space. She also provides an order in which to start decluttering and organizing your things, which I think makes it a lot more achievable.

I never thought tidying up could be so fun, relaxing and addictive!

How do you like to declutter? Is it something you do once in a while or regularly? I would love to know what works for you!


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