best of lush cosmetics




A few months ago, I walked into a Lush store for the first time and have to admit that I’ve been addicted ever since. Going into the store is definitely an experience to say the least, and can be overwhelming. I had no strategy in mind so I asked one of the employees what I “had to have” and that it was my first visit. She was happy to help and here is what I walked out with. Most of these, if not all, have been repurchased a few times already. Over the past few months, my husband and I have made a few more trips and now have our own favorites. I have listed those below as well.

If you’ve never been to Lush, I would highly recommend it. Also don’t forget to save your tubs. When you bring back 4 empty tubs, you get a free mask!

First time ever to Lush haul:

Current favs and most repurchased items:

I have yet to try a product from Lush that I don’t love! Which Lush products would you recommend? I would love to try them:)





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