maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner

I stopped wearing eye liner for a bit because I just felt like it was too much work and it never looked perfect on me.  I had been using the Sephora pencil eye liner which was doing the job, but I didn’t feel like it was anything too special. That’s when I discovered the Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner. I had never used a gel eyeliner before and WOW was I pleasantly surprised!



First of all, it is SO EASY to use. It’s nearly impossible to mess up when using the awesome little brush it comes up. You just dip a small amount from the pot using the brush and it literally glides right on the lids like a dream. I have not had any problem forming a line of desired thickness. it is also perfect for a winged eye look.  I use this for my top lids but plan to experiment by using it for the bottom as well.

The other great thing about this eyeliner is that it’s great for those of us who are looking for something with a consistency and finish that’s in between a traditional pencil liner and a liquid eye liner. I personally find the liquid formula to be impossible to work with and almost always mess it up. The pencil liners are much easier to work with but fade throughout the day on me and lack that “wow” factor. This gel liner is the best of both worlds. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it, especially for the price!!

The Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner can be found at your local drugstore and at Amazon.



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