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a day in the park with chutney

We wanted to take advantage of this beautiful warm Fall weather and decided to take Chutney to a local park. He had such a great time! He actually loves to hear the words “leash”, “outside” and the phrases “are you ready?”, and “you wanna go outside?”. So any chance we get to take him out with us, it’s a treat for all of us. Lately I’ve been feeling so bad about leaving him home all day while we are at work and wanted to have a day during the weekend where we had some Chutney time. If I could take him to work with me, I would. I miss his little face so much during the day, especially now since he’s been giving me a proper goodbye every morning. He gets his front legs up to my knees and makes eyes with me:) I know what he’s thinking- “have a great day Mama, I’ll miss you!”. This fall day in the park was such a great family outing for us. I think these photos say it all- he had a wonderful time and so did his Mama and Daddy!!







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