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drugstore to the rescue- when you forget to pack your makeup bag

I was all set to do my makeup and look natural yet stunning (haha), when I realized that I had forgotten to pack my makeup bag! I could tell you exactly where it was, sitting uselessly in the apartment,a beautiful water color patterned kit full of all my favorites!! I won’t lie- I did panic for a minute while searching through my suitcase one last time until I got to the very bottom and didn’t see my pretty little bag which I had packed with such care the night before. So what did I do you ask?? I asked my husband to take us to the nearest drugstore and here is what I came out with! It turns out that all I needed was some power cover up in the right shade, some type of blush/highlighter, and some mascara. I was good to go and I have to say I am extremely pleased with my buys.

I cannot be without mascara and had heard good things about this one. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from a drugstore mascara, but boy was I wrong. This is such a wonderful mascara for every day use that I might need to get another one so I don’t have to take this one out of my travel kit! It does all the things you want your mascara to do( lengthen, add volume) and is easy to remove. I also love the flexible applicator that reaches all those baby lashes you want to lengthen!

374 blackest black

I wanted my face to have a subtle glow to it and a bit of color, and since I didn’t have my blush or eye shadows with me, I though this could serve as a blush, highlighter and eye shadow. It actually worked so well that I might start using this for when I go back to work! I am so so happy I bought this:) It also comes with a small brush and mirror, which was very helpful since my makeup brushes were in my kit too. My favorite part was that I didn’t have to be too careful with it, even when I reapplied this in the evenings, I was left with a natural glow which looked so pretty. I used my fingertip to apply some to my lids and I had the perfect eye shadow:)

in the shade nude


This powder foundation was just the right shade for me, which wasn’t too hard to choose. All I had to was look at the L’oreal display photos and saw that Freida Pinto was wearing this shade so I went with it! We have very similar Indian skin tones, especially now since I have a bit of a tan:) This cover up came with an easy to use sponge applicator, went on smooth and I was able to use more or less depending on where I needed more coverage. The best part? It did not make my skin oily nor did it break me out! I will forever keep this in my travel kit! I’m intrigued to try other products from the true match line.

W6 Sun Beige

in the shade W6 Sun Beige

my beloved makeup bag sitting pretty
my beloved makeup bag sitting pretty

Lesson learned- I will listen to my husband and add “makeup” to my travel list. I just didn’t think I needed to add it. I figured it was a given. I was wrong though and from now I hope to never be without my makeup. In case you are though, I hope you are close to a drugstore so you can pick up similar items to get you through your vacation. Also don’t be like me and just relax! It’s not the end of the world to be without makeup right??



13 thoughts on “drugstore to the rescue- when you forget to pack your makeup bag

  1. Hahaha I can’t tell you how many times I forget to pack my makeup and have to buy new ones on a trip. But that’s usually how I find great products.

    The Maybelline highlight looks very pretty, maybe on my next trip I should ‘forget” my highlighter at home and buy this one lol!

    I just posted my August Favorites up on my blog: Check them out if you have time! I’d appreciate your feedback too!



  2. It was for me too!! Until I got to the drugstore and saw that they had some really nice options! I think if you choose things that are more natural, that’s the best way to accommodate. In the end, I’m kind of glad this happened to me. Thanks for stopping by darling! xoxo


  3. My coworker’s suitcase went missing for 24 hrs and she needed makeup for business meetings the next day so she bought everything from a drugstore – it saved the day!
    For me, I would HAVE to pick up: mascara, concealer, brow pencil (and possibly use that to double up as eye liner!) and lip balm.
    This is definitely a good excuse to try new makeup though! 😉


  4. A missing suitcase sounds much worse than a forgotten makeup bag! I don’t feel bad about it after reading that! Luckily I had lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss in my other bags which float around wherever I go! Thanks for stopping by love xoxo:)


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