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peanut butter,spinach and carrot dog treats


Since Chutney has been feeling a bit more anxious than usual lately, I decided to make him something special. His favorite thing to eat is peanut butter so I wanted to make him treats with peanut butter as the star flavor.

unnamed (1)

The verdict? He gobbled them down in seconds, without needing me to break them down into pieces for him (which he usually likes). These were a HIT!!

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

I love to watch him crunch down on these little treats when I come home from work. It’s also a great way to practice some basic commands like “sit”, “leave it” and “stay”.

unnamed (4)

I was able to find this tiny cookie cutter from amazon which made the perfect size for our little guy. We give him 2 at a time (in the middle of the day between meals). It’s nice to know exactly what is in the food he’s eating. They are super easy to make too!




Let me know if you guys want the recipe!!


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