top 5 things beauty blogging has taught me about beauty


Becoming a blogger has changed the way I look at things. For starters, it has expanded my views on beauty.  I learn something new every day but so far here is what beauty blogging has taught me about beauty:

1. To follow a strict skincare routine: Before I started blogging or taking my skincare seriously, I didn’t really have much of a routine when it came to skincare. I didn’t pay attention to what I was putting on my face and definitely didn’t have a reason for using one product versus another. That all changed when I began to take a closer look at what the specific needs of my skin are. I turned to fellow beauty bloggers, skincare experts and watched and read tons of online reviews and tutorials. Following a skincare routine has been the most helpful thing in improving my skin overall. My skin is still not perfect by any means, and I do have my occasional breakouts. Now I know not to get angry at my skin and to be patient.

2. To invest in beauty: It’s so easy to skip steps in your skincare and makeup routines. I used to go to sleep without properly removing my makeup thinking that a makeup removing wipe was sufficient. Now, no matter how tired I am I need to do a double cleanse! Honestly, it takes an extra minute. I need my toners, my serum and my moisturizers now- every day and every night. I need my friday night facials- they help me relax. Plus I feel so much better going to bed knowing that I am taking all the necessary steps to nourish my skin and give it the love it deserves:)

3. To use sunscreen every single day: Even though I knew sunscreen is important, I now have a new appreciation for different sunscreen products which work best for my skin. They don’t break me out, are not greasy and have an SPF of more than just 15, which is what I had been using for a long time. There is a sunscreen out there for everyone- you just have go through some trial & error. That goes for all skincare products. Just be patient with your skin:)

4. Beauty is within us: No matter how much you take care of you skin or much makeup you apply, at the end of the day, beauty comes from within. Taking care of my body, feeding my mind and soul are just as important as my skincare and makeup routines. Also, I have been so humbled by the love and support of others out there. Whether on Instagram or via this blog, you are all so generous, positive and encouraging. This makes me feel beautiful:) So thank YOU!

5. To learn about what ingredients work for my skin: When I started looking into different skincare products, I wanted to use exactly what so and so was using because they had such amazing skin and I wanted it! It wasn’t long before I discovered that I wasn’t getting results because even though certain ingredients can work wonders for someone, it wasn’t doing anything for me. In fact, I was breaking out from many things. Over time, I discovered that salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, rosewater and witch hazel are my best friends:)

What has beauty blogging taught you about beauty? What has blogging taught you in general?

7 thoughts on “top 5 things beauty blogging has taught me about beauty

  1. SO many YESES for this entry esp #1, 3 and 5!!! I’m happy you’ve discovered what works and doesn’t work for your skin.
    I’ve learned not to fall for the hype of cosmetics advertising. It’s so easy to get caught up on the fancy names and “new” / “revolutionary” products and rave (often paid) reviews. It’s sometimes a bit shady, the practices of the cosmetics industry!

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