my “miracle” serum

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II


In case you’re wondering, the reason why I am calling ANR my “miracle” serum and not my miracle serum is because in my opinion, there is no such thing as a miracle in a bottle. Personally, I need to take excellent care of my skin every morning and every night. I had to do tons of research to find the most effective products for my skin. That means I needed to find skincare that would not only help in the anti aging process, but make my skin look and feel healthy and most importantly not break me out. This was not an easy process for me, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard for you. Some people are able to have good luck with just about anything they put on their face! That is so not the case with me.

That leads me to share with you my favorite serum at the moment and one which I’ve been using now for around 6 months. I wanted to use it for at least this long before making any claims about it.

What I like about ANR:

– the consistency is thin enough that it absorbs well and allows for my moisturizer to do a better job overnight of keeping my skin hydrated.

– It is oil free and non-comedogenic, making it suitable for sensitive and acne- prone skin (like mine)

– it has a nice mild scent ( the way a product smells is really important to me for some reason)

– when I wake up after having used this, it gives the appearance that I’ve had a good night’s sleep- it’s like sleep in a bottle

ANR serum contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to repair your skin while you sleep, by visibly reducing the signs of aging, appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps even out skin tone. Oh and it’s the #1 repair serum in the world.

I keep coming back to ANR when I am traveling, have had a long day, when I am on the verge of a breakout or just because. I love the way my skin feels not only the morning after using this, but even throughout the following day and weeks. My skin is by no means perfect, but is better than ever, thanks to Estee Lauder and specifically this serum. I hope it works wonders for your skin too:)


9 thoughts on “my “miracle” serum

  1. Hey Surleen
    hope you’re having a lovely week ☺
    I’m so glad you wrote about this serum…my skin has been really angry with me the last couple of months and I’ve been wanting to give this a go but was too scared that it’s not going to be good for my oily + acne prone skin… now I’m def going to give this a go…
    thanks so much! ❤


    1. Hi Ankita!
      I would def try this for the first time when you don’t have active breakouts. I also have oily combination acne prone and sensitive skin. When I first started to use this I used it once or twice per week and gradually increased so now I can use it every night without any issues. If I have an active breakout, however, I use my estee lauder clear difference serum am and pm. Hope this helps. I’m curious to know how to works out for you so please keep me posted! xoxo

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  2. I’ve received samples of this from time to time in gwp and I’ve always given them away to my friend who swears by this. I just worry I’ll end up loving this and it’s so pricey!
    It does have a good review by Paula Begoun (3/4 stars) so it’s good to know that the ingredients are good. I’m glad it’s working for you! I love hyaluronic acid serums, I use some form of one on a daily basis – really plums up my skin. 🙂

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  3. You’re right it’s pricey. That’s exactly why I wanted to hold off on making any claims until I had used it for a while. I think it’s worth it since it doesn’t break me out. It’s so hard for me to find a serum which doesn’t break me out! What do you like to use? xoxo


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