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my amazing body

I think one of things I take for granted the most in life is my body. After finding these facts, it’s hard to believe that I so easily overlook it. I hope this gets you thinking more about how incredible our bodies really are!

One busy body…

– you produce roughly 2. 5 million new red blood cells each second.

– the average reader’s brain processes abut 300 words per minute.

– Your heart beats roughly 100,000 times each day

– the approximate number of colors the human eye can differentiate is 10 million

– You can use as many as 40 muscles to take a single step

What you can do to give your body what it needs:

exercise but don’t think of it as exercise

do nice things that are fun yet active, like taking a nice long walk, hiking, biking or even doing a fun DVD workout video at home

enjoy your cups of joe

studies show that drinking coffee helps decrease the risk of heart disease and melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer

eat dark chocolate

reach for one that’s 70 percent cacao. Not only is it heart healthy, but the caffeine gives you energy when you’re feeling sluggish

step out of the shade

the benefits of vitamin D are endless! (don’t forget your SPF though)

feed your skin vitamin c

look for products with a vitamin c content of 10% or higher, which helps prevent the oxidation in skin that damages elastic tissue and collagen.

 walk (even a little!)

A 20 minute all each day may help you live longer. It also helps de-stress.

Beet it

Beets help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Snooze your way slim

You are more likely to crave junk food if you get less than 6 hrs of sleep.


The medical benefits of meditation are numerous. Instead of trying to make your mind go blank, it may help to focus on a single thing or word that you personally find calming.

Have a vegetable course

When veggies are in the company of other foods, they often go untouched- so eat your veggies first!

Just do it!

Studies have shown that having sex results in partial or complete pain relief in people who experience migraines and severe headaches.


stay tuned for a post on the benefits of yoga!

(source: Oprah magazine)

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