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the pursuit of happiness


Happiness is always with you. It has nothing to do with the weather,
it has nothing to do with chopping wood, it has nothing to with
digging a hole in the garden. Happiness has nothing to do with
anything. it is just the nonexpectant, relaxed, at- ease state of your
being with existence. And it is there, it does not come and go. It is
always there, just like your breathing, your heartbeat, the blood
circulating in your body.

Happiness is always there, but if you seek it you will find
unhappiness. By seeking you will miss happiness- that’s what
unhappiness is, missing happiness. Unhappiness has a certain
relationship with pursuit, a partnership. If you “pursue”, you will
find unhappiness.

Happiness is always a by- product. It is not the result of a direct
pursuit. It happens when you are not even thinking about it.



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