Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask review

Since I love using raw manuka honey on my face so much, I decided to try out this mask. Manuka honey does wonders for blemishes and is great to use if you have acne prone skin in order to keep acne at bay!


I was eager to try out this mask because in addition to manuka honey, it also contains Pohutukawa extract. Pohutukawa is known to tone and moisturize the skin, and contains powerful astringent qualities to soften skin and promote cell regeneration.


This mask has a rich, creamy consistency and I like that it comes in a tube! It takes up less storage space:) Plus it smells like honey and oranges!



It applies like a cream and feels buttery soft- that’s exactly how it left my face after rinsing it! …soft as butter:)

This is definitely a great mask if you are looking for deep hydration and something that will leave your face extremely soft, clear and hydrated. I am very happy with it and plan to use it once a week.

This mask can be purchased here, here and here. 


Which masks are your favorite?? Have you tried manuka honey?


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