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Wild by Cheryl Strayed


This is the story of a woman who, upon ending her six year marriage, which she says feels like “breaking her own heart” and realizing that she has never really grieved the recent death of her mother, sets out on an eleven hundred mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail.

What I found to be most striking about this book was that along her journey with “monster” (her gigantic backpack) wearing her beaten up, one size too small boots, we see how much Cheryl Strayed gains, not only in the encounters with numerous people along the way, but in the solitude she so deeply needs. She writes with honesty, not only about the physical hardships and dangers of being a woman alone on a long- distance hike, but about how she got there.

This is a book about losing yourself so you can be found. It is special to me because it got me out of my reading rut- this was one I could not put down, after having abandoned so many over the past several months.


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