maybelline creamy eyeshadow review

I get up way too early in the mornings for work to pull out my eyeshadow palettes, 4 different kinds of brushes and all that time spent blending! So I have found a solution to my eye makeup morning routine dilemma- creamy eyeshadow! All you need are your fingers and some nice colors that match well with your skin tone. After a bit of trial and error, I decided to go drugstore route since I’ve already invested in some nice too faced palettes (the limited edition everything nice holiday palette is amazing and this one is great too), which are fab for when I wanna go all out.

I discovered that Maybelline has two great creamy eyeshadow products- color molten and color tattoo. Here are some swatches. I can’t wait to jazz up my morning routine with these beauties. The best part is- they are super cheap and no brushes or blending required! I am so excited about this!! 🙂

color molten in rose haze
rose haze
bad to the bronze



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