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A more romantic week!



Since this week is Valentine’s week and it has been ridiculously  cold out, I thought it would be nice to set the ambiance at home so there’s a romantic feeling in the air:) It’s all about the mindset- every night can feel like “date night” and every day can feel like Valentine’s day:)

Here are some tips for a more romantic ambience:

eat at the table

I think we all fall into the routine of eating on the couch in front of the TV. This week, though, try setting the table and using those pretty dishes you have! Put that dining table to use too while you’re at it:)

light scented candles

Nothing sets the ambiance like scented candles throughout the house. You can place small votives in the bedroom, living area and bathroom. Be sure not to place scented candles at the dinner table though, since you don’t want competing scents with your meal!

soft music

Instead of the background noise of commercial breaks, how about some Adele, John Legend or my new favorite, Ed Sheeran? 🙂

bring home flowers

Bringing home an inexpensive bouquet of flowers and then dividing it up and displaying into small vases or mason jars throughout your space is super romantic:)


This week is a good time to put away that folded laundry on your ottoman, or stacking up that pile of magazines:) A less cluttered space is much more inviting and relaxing:)

make time to unwind

Instead of having jam packed days, where by the time you make it home, you’re exhausted, why not try to free up your schedule a bit so you can have some down time in the evenings? It’s a great chance to try a new recipe, play that board game you never play or plan that dream vacation together!

be creative 

Paint, write, read, draw, play an instrument or make a card! You might find that a more romantic ambiance ignites your inner artist.

What is one thing you can do to make your home more romantic?


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