fragrance collection plus a new favorite!


Here’s a look at my current fragrances and my new absolute favorite- can’t wait to get it in full size! Many perfumes give me headaches so choosing the right one is a tedious process involving trial and error. I always try a perfume in the store, and can easily tell from one spray in the air whether or not it will cause a headache (usually I can feel one coming on instantly). If it passes this initial test, I then take a tester home and try it for a few days before purchasing a full size. So far Chanel and Chloe are two brands which generally work well for me and happen to smell amazing! I have slowly been adding to my collection over the years. I would also like to try L’occitane as I have heard great things and my husband enjoys their mens’ fragrances.

Here’s my current collection and a description of their notes:

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (Eau de Toilette)


Top notes: organe, bergamot, grapefruit

Middle notes: lychee, rose, italian jasmine

Base notes: indonesian patchouli, haitian vetiver, bourbon vanilla, white musk

Roses de Chloe


Top notes: pink peony, freesia, lychee

Middle notes: magnolia, lily of the valley, rose

Base notes: cedarwood, amber, honey

My Burberry 


Top notes: sweet pea, bergamot

Middle notes: geranium, freesia, quince

Base notes: patchouli, damask rose, centifolia rose

and last but not least… I am so in love with…

Love Story by Chloe 


Top notes: neroli

Middle notes: stephanotis, orange blossom

Base notes: musk, woods

I like to use one of these every morning while getting ready, depending on my mood. Roses de chloe is my favorite for the spring and summer and coco mademoiselle is what I usually grab in the winter months. I like to mix it up though and  find it makes my mornings a little brighter:) Sometimes I find that a beautiful fragrance can put me in a better mood!

What’s your favorite fragrance? Do you have a “signature scent”? I get bored too easily to have just one!

You can purchase these fragrances here:é%20P384710&skuId=1580448&_requestid=86660


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