project life

I did scrapbooking for a few years before I found out about project life. One of my favorite things about this versus traditional scrapbooking is the emphasis on photos. I just want to focus on the photos and this lets me do that while adding interest and creativity. Also I can fit many more photos on one page than I could on a scrapbook page. It definitely takes less time for me to put together a project life page and the studio calico kits make it even simpler. They come in the mail every month and are themed according to the season, which is really nice. This is my 3rd month subscribing and I am loving them. I think they are well worth the money, considering I don’t need to buy much else in addition, other than glue and pens for journaling. I get my photos printed using postal pix.

Here are some layouts I’ve used while doing project life. For those of you who are not familiar with this system, here’s the link:

I use the binder and pages made by becky higgins. For the cards I use both becky higgins and the monthly project life kits available at studio calico:

If you have any questions about project life or about how I did these layouts, please feel free to ask:)
















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