current favorites

I wanted to share some of current beauty favs so here they are! I am loving the smashbox cc cream, especially for those lazy mornings when I dont want to bother with all the steps of applying suncreeen, primer, foundation and so on. This does it all in one step! I love the texture, it goes on smooth and lasts all day. I initially purchased it to use on the weekends but have liked it so much that I haven’t even been using my foundation lately. It gives me buildable coverage and I can still use concealer underneath if I want. I use it in the light/medium shade, which is perfect for my skin tone.



Another favorite of mine has been this  OPI nail color, part of the Fall 2014 line, called “the perfect cover up”. I love this gray/teal hue and think it will suit all skin tones. I’m obsessed and have been doing my nails at home using this color for the past few weeks now. This is a great color for the fall, is appropriate for work and is very forgiving when it starts to chip.



My current lip favs are hands down the revlon colorburst balm stains. I am loving the stain version in the color crush and the matte balm in the color sultry. The balm obviously has a nice sheen to it. The color lasts even after drinking coffee or eating. The matte balm is even longer lasting and gives a nice creamy matte finish. I find the matte to be more pigmented. I will definitely be trying out the other shades in this line!


Moving onto eyes, I got a sample of this mascara as part of the sephora rewards and I don’t think I will use another mascara ever again. It literally curls my lashes, without clumping- enough said:)

What are your current beauty favorites?



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