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halloween cards and cupcakes

Ok so I made these Halloween cards for all of our nieces and nephews and then of course, put them in the mail without taking photos of them first…oops

So the photos below are the ones that were sent to me by the recipients– thanks guys! I made a few more but can’t get the photos now. They are pretty similar to these two though. I got all the supplies from Michaels. They were super easy to make and didn’t take much time.





These are the Halloween cupcakes I made for our halloween dance at school. The kids had a blast while happily devouring these festive treats! I used an assorted halloween sprinkles kit made by Wilton and bought a cupcake kit which included the cupcake liners and “RIP” toppers. Since I have so many left over, I may use them to make halloween pretzel treats for the kids on friday- so look out for them!

cupcakes unnamed


me as Minnie:)

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