eggplant parmesan with cheesy bread

This is one of my husband’s favorite things that I make for us. I’ve looked at different ways to make it and have found them to be too heavy, much too cheesy and “eggy” (if that makes any sense). So over time, I’ve modified and come up with my own ways to make it light yet scrumptious 🙂 I make sure the eggplant slices are thin and I only dip them in the eggs for a second before coating them with flour and then breadcrumbs. I also make sure there is plenty of marinara in between each layer before baking it. This prevents the dish from drying out. Covering it with foil while baking also helps. The cheesy bread is my husband’s homemade bread topped with pepperjack cheese and some herbs de Provence. I used sliced mozzarella and whole wheat spaghetti for this version. There are a few steps to this dish but seeing my happy husband reach for seconds definitely makes it worth it:)





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