paper crafts

happy birthday mom


Just a few days ago it was my mom’s birthday and I wanted to make her a special card. The thing about her is that she will appreciate ANYTHING I make or do for her, regardless of how simple it is. I wanted the card to be as unique and elegant as her. My mom is the most extraordinary person I have ever met. She is generous, caring, hard working and selfless. She is my guide, my teacher, my friend, my confidante and so much more. She puts everyone else’s needs above her own and does not complain- ever. I think she was made to be a mom- my mom. She is a naturally caring person, but when it comes to my sister and I, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for us. In fact, over the years, she has done the impossible for us. She doesn’t require much in return, just love and hugs. She also has a pretty serious shoe fetish and can color coordinate her outfits like nobody’s business. I love you mom.



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