chutney gets groomed!

I didn’t think it was possible for Chutney to get any cuter until today. I was really nervous about his first grooming experience but was put at ease as soon as walked into the grooming salon. They were professional and friendly but more importantly I could tell that they cared about my baby. So I left him in their hands and three hours later I got to hold him again. I can’t believe how soft he feels! I guess the grooming process tired him out because when I called to see if he was ready, they told me he was all set and taking a nap while he waited:) Once we picked him up, it was such a gorgeous day that we decided to have lunch in riverside park and take him for a nice long walk. We were stopped by people every few minutes asking us what kind of dog he is and saying how cute he is. So then it’s true- he really is super cute! I feel better about being obsessed with him. I mean how could you not be obsessed with this face?!




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