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Tree card for Jeet’s 6th

This is the birthday card I’ve made for my nephew Jeet’s 6th birthday. When I think of Jeet as a baby, I remember those chubby cheeks and that wise look he always had on his face… Jeet will always have a very special place in my heart and I am so proud to call myself his Masi. I wish for him infinite joy.



Peacefully asleep in Masi’s arms

The little man at Jai’s 3rd birthday party- I had to get him this argyle sweater and plaid pants- an equally cute part of this ensemble are the brown loafers which unfortunately can’t be seen in this photo.

232323232fp535nu=3365>298>69->WSNRCG=32398887;382-nu0mrjThe argyle sweater comes off- my sister’s apt was always so hot!
IMG_6378Happy 6th Birthday Jeet- love you so much

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