chutney gets groomed!

I didn’t think it was possible for Chutney to get any cuter until today. I was really nervous about his first grooming experience but was put at ease as soon as walked into the grooming salon. They were professional and friendly but more importantly I could tell that they cared about my baby. So I left him in their hands and three hours later I got to hold him again. I can’t believe how soft he feels! I guess the grooming process tired him out because when I called to see if he was ready, they told me he was all set and taking a nap while he waited:) Once we picked him up, it was such a gorgeous day that we decided to have lunch in riverside park and take him for a nice long walk. We were stopped by people every few minutes asking us what kind of dog he is and saying how cute he is. So then it’s true- he really is super cute! I feel better about being obsessed with him. I mean how could you not be obsessed with this face?!




eggplant calzone

This is by far the best calzone I have ever tasted and has (not surprisingly) been made by my husband. He was sweet enough to make this for us earlier this week when I had had a long day at work. I walked home to the smells of delicious things happening in the oven. I am not, or I should say, was not ever a calzone lover. I have always found them to be too heavy and overfilled to the point where they get mushy…and way too hot to enjoyably eat! With this recipe though, the outside is perfectly crisp and the filling is super favorable without being too mushy. It really is perfection- and now that I know it can be done, I can make a calzone request anytime I want:) IMG_6495


recipe courtesy smitten kitchen 


pumpkin ravioli with brown butter pecan sauce and homemade parmesan garlic bread

Store bought pumpkin ravioli makes this super easy… and all it takes to make the sauce is melting some butter with a dash of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar, then tossing in toasted pecans. The sauce gives everything just the right amount of saltiness to balance out the sweet pumpkin. One bite and it feels like Fall has come into our home to give a welcome hug:)

IMG_6486 IMG_6492


onion parantha

This morning I decided to make onion parantha also called pyaaz vaala parantha in Punjabi. This parantha reminds me of my childhood and although I can’t replicate my mom’s, this is own way of staying close to home. I like to have it with a side of cool dahi (I use greek yogurt) and some hyderabadi achaar (mixed pickle). IMG_6383

something smells good but I’m too comfortable to go check it out
paper crafts

Tree card for Jeet’s 6th

This is the birthday card I’ve made for my nephew Jeet’s 6th birthday. When I think of Jeet as a baby, I remember those chubby cheeks and that wise look he always had on his face… Jeet will always have a very special place in my heart and I am so proud to call myself his Masi. I wish for him infinite joy.



Peacefully asleep in Masi’s arms

The little man at Jai’s 3rd birthday party- I had to get him this argyle sweater and plaid pants- an equally cute part of this ensemble are the brown loafers which unfortunately can’t be seen in this photo.

232323232fp535nu=3365>298>69->WSNRCG=32398887;382-nu0mrjThe argyle sweater comes off- my sister’s apt was always so hot!
IMG_6378Happy 6th Birthday Jeet- love you so much

good reads

Astonish me

I thought this book would be all about ballet and that I would get bored by the language. Not the case at all! Very well written and has a nice balance of different themes. I was halfway through when I had to return it back to the library. A few weeks later I was able to get back to it and the story picked up exactly where it left off. Give this one a shot- there’s something kind of hauntingly romantic about it.

Here’s the link: